Destination Guide

There was dance at the beginning. Mankind was communicating with body language before speaking.

Alanya Tourist Operators Association (ALTID) was established in 1985.

DKAlanya is an association mostly for the many Danes who have bought property in Alanya and surroundings, and are see

Alanyan Suomalaiset (Finnish Association) was founded in Alanya Turkey on the 15/10/06.

Siam Old Teak  Reduce-Re-Use-Recycle

Sertab Erener is a popular Turkish singer who won the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest for Turkey with her song ‘Everyway

Har du brug for rådgivning i eller om Tyrkiet?

Dalyan (translated means FISH TRAP) is a small fishing town situated on the riverside close to the Mediterranean sea.

Beaches, beaches, beaches.

Hua Hin beach is quite long, stretching from Hua Hin Airport in the north all the way to Khao Takiab in the south is

Bodrum is a charming and fascinating peninsula with its atmosphere. 30.000 reside in the Bodrum area.

It is said that nobody is the same after visiting Bodrum and nobody can explain why.