Destination Guide

Alanya is situated 36 degrees 32 minutes north and 32 degrees 1 minute east in the Mediterranean region of Turkey.

Da Atatürk besøkte Alanya og byen ved en feil fikk nytt navn

The summer season is waning, while summer has brought many good news for those who love to holiday in and around Alan

When Atatürk visited Aspendos in 1930 he received an invitation from Alanya to visit the town and he promised the inh

Much has changed in Alanya during the recent years. A small town has become a well-known tourist center.

Ýlki 2004 yýlýnda metal ile baþlayan Uluslararasý Taþ Heykel Sempozyumu 2010 yýlýnda 7.

Bey Mountains are the extended part of the Taurus mountains, ranging from north to south parallel to the Antalya Gulf

Remember that not all traditions have a direct purpose but often must be seen as a symbolic act with any logical expl

Humans discovered tobacco long before Jesus Christos was born.

The Blue Bead is the talisman of the thousand years from Anatolia. Still it averts evil eyes all over the world.

Did you know that Turkish folk dances express the Anatolian history? Well they do!