2Base Estate Agency

We are one of the most experienced real estate agents in our respective areas specialized in offering holiday apartments to foreign buyers and we strive to offer the widest variety of professional services.
- Best and most extensive choice of listings from both constructors and private sellers
- High level of honest and reliable information from the first initial contact
- Superb after Sales Services such as letting, inspection and online shopping services

We cover all aspects
At 2Base of your property business in Turkey and our focus is not only on the selling process, but just as much on the subsequent aftersales services.
We provide safe economical terms, making sure that local pitfalls are avoided, offering you a wide selection of properties, maintaining after sales services and giving you access to all the advantages a large, international and strong organisation has to offer.

1: Full economical security
Economical safe conditions on all sales eliminating all financial risks
Downpayments will be depostied in a secure escrow account until the title deeds are transferred.

2: Avoiding local pitfalls – our many years of experience is at your disposal to avoid any unecessary problems.
Buying property abroad and in your home country are in some cases are totally different. Our local knowledge will secure you and provide the correct advice and proceedure throughout.

3: Best selection of properties
We have no vested interests with either construction companies or private sellers. We can therefore offer your the best possible properties at the best prices from both private sellers and constructors.

4: My2Base Holiday Homes – your partner after purchasing
With us sales & service walk hand in hand. After purchasing your property My2Base Holiday Homes will take over and offer you and your holiday home an extensive range of services.
- Inspection service: Leave the supervision of the property, payment of bills and all other formalities to us.
- Order services such as cleaning, welcome packages, excursions and airport transfer directly via our Online Shop.
- Assistance in case of any emergency – we are available in case of emergency 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
- Letting of your holiday home

5: Access to all advantages that a strong and international organisation can offer
We are active on many different markets and our customers come from all over Europe. Furthermore our employees have different backgrounds and nationalities.
Together that makes a big difference for you both as a buyer, seller or owner that would like to benefit from our wide variety of services.
At 2Base you therefore get all the advantages that a strong and international organisation can offer.

Contact us today, we speak several languages:

Türkiye: +90 242 511 78 99 - tr@2base.com
Suomi: +358 923 163 999 - fi@2base.com
Sverige: +46 8 559 22 302 - se@2base.com
Danmark: +45 36 96 05 32 - dk@2base.com
UK: +44 20 8123 1918 - contact@2base.com
Irland: +353 1 443 3978 - contact@2base.com
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