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How to get started

It is free to create a profile for your business on Sunsearch.
In order to get started create a user profile and shortly after you will be approved.
You can then create as many profiles and articles on our web site as you like.

We are accepting business profiles from all sectors, only exception is the real estate and construction sector, from which we do not accept any business profiles to be created.

Please note that all profiles and articles must at all times follow our policies on restrictions & guidelines.

Tips on creating your business profile

- Keep the article with 200-400 words

- Mention the main services/ products that your business is delivering/ known for

- Avoid glorifying your business too much

- Be honest about what you write

- Make sure that the text is well written and grammatically correct.

- Remember that Sunsearch is not only in English. Get your text translated in order to attract also non-english speaking customers. (Please note that we do not accept translations done by Google translate or any other automatic translation programs. If we find such text, the entire profile will be deleted).

- Upload pictures of good quality with a pixel size of 900x600 pixels and maximum size of 1MB per picture. Avoid using low quality pictures and pictures taken with mobile phones since it will give a bad impression of your business.

Tips on writing articles

Articles is a great way of informing your potential customers about your business areas. Articles are not advertising for a specific business, for a sector in general.

This means that articles will not recommend any business in particular, but users of the web site will see who has contributed to the article.


You are a hair dresser and write an article to the web site about how to get hair extensions.
You can include quotes in the article such as “In Turkey hair extensions can be done for half of price of what it will cost you in Europe and the products used are all the same, says owner of ABC Hairdresser in Alanya”.
But in an article you can not write “ABC Hairdresser is the best and cheapest place to get your hair extensions done”.
Also your profile name/ name of your business will be seen as author to the article.

Again we recommend you to get articles translated so that also non-english speaking users will have access to the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do comment on articles, profiles and use the forum?

Just create a user profile and we will send you an email with a link that you have to click and confirm. After that you can log in and comment on articles, profiles and use the forum.

I am a business holder and want to create a profile for my business

Registrer as a user and fill out the field “If you want to create a business profile, please enter your business name here”
We will then approve your profile for content writing and send you an email once this is done. Please note that it might take up to 24 hours to process your request for writing content.

I have created a profile for my business. When will it be online?

Immediately after you have created a profile for your business it wil be online.

How to i edit content that i made?

Any profile or article can be modified or updated any time by logging in and navigating to the article or profile in question an clicking “Edit”.

Is there any paid advertising options on Sunsearch?

In one word "No"

In return for being able to create free business profiles on Sunsearch you can do the following.
1: Just make sure that your has a well written profile text, quality photos and that is has been translated also to all other languages avaiable on Sunsearch.
2: Create some content such as an article about your business area or any other topic that are of your interests. Do you free dive around Alanya Castle on Sundays? Well, then write an article about it….
3: Be active on our forum


Since you are reading this, we want to take the opportunity and make a short list of things that makes us happy.
Recommend us the more the merryer and additional profiles and articles will also benefit you.
Content, content, content Write an article, comments on a profile or help other users by answering their questions in the forum.


Obviously there are a few restrictions to what kind of content we want and a few guidelines to follow. They are all kind of obvious but lets list them anyway.

We really hate...

False information
Bad pictures
Faul language