Don’t fancy the idea of a package holiday? Want to stay longer than a week or two? Staying in a hotel can be restrictive, especially if you have children with you.

Since 1992, Martin & Türkay rented bikes in Alanya. In 2007, the time has come to exploit the experience of renting, and start providing sales of new bicycles and accessories.

Modern Turkey was founded in 1923 after the former military attaché and general Mustafa Kemal had lead the Turkish army to victory over the Greeks and their allies, amongst them England, France and Australia.

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Turkish name: Sac Kebabi


Often hotel standards in Turkey are better than similar hotels in other tourist destinations.


If you have already visit Dim and Oba rivers where you can go in Alanya when the unbearable July and August hot weath


Turkey has a lot more to offer than what is found in the typical tourist places.


For a newly arrived tourist there are many things that may seem different and confusing.


Throughout the summer months a lot of sport is played in Alanya and, as in many other places, football is number one